Motion MemoHow many times have you forgotten what you needed to pick up at the store, missed an important business meeting or accidentally stood up a lunch date? Even when you write things down, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll make your appointment or remember to pick up milk – notes can easily get misplaced or accidentally thrown away.

Forgetting some small details could result in wasted time and money, leaving you driving out to pick up missed items – this isn’t necessarily anything too damaging, but say you forget an important phone meeting that results in your company losing a big client. Trusting your memory isn’t always the best idea, because even the most conscientious people can forget an important detail.

With the Motion Memo, you’ll never forget the details again – grocery lists, meetings, phone calls, Dr. or hairdresser appointments; you can store every detail in this state of the art digital recorder so you never lose sight of any detail (large or small) again. The Motion Memo goes off automatically via a built in sensor, so you’ll get an audible reminder of your recorded message instead of fumbling around your desk or through your pockets for a note. It’s a fool proof method of remembering the important details of your everyday life.

This state of the art digital recorder can also act to keep you safe, with a loud alarm to draw attention to you in the event of a dangerous or uncomfortable situation. The Motion Memo will quickly become one of the most used and loved tools of any businessman or women and an incredibly versatile gadget for anyone who has ever forgotten an important detail and wished they had something available to remind them.

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