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Take a closer look at each of their product offerings.

If you have an iPhone or iPod, you will want to check out MicrolabAV’s docking stations for your device. In general all these docking stations contain an FM tuner, clock and alarm. One of the models, the IM200, is a complete stereo sub-woofer system with iPod docking station, left/right speakers and a remote so you can control the acoustics from anywhere in the room.

The Solo series of MicrolabAV are known worldwide as a full line of remote-controlled speakers designed by audiophiles. Sound in any range is reproduced faithfully. Crystal-clear highs and full bass from the speakers are reproduced with perfect quality from beautiful wooden cabinets. Even the most critical audiophiles will be blown away by the quality of the sound coming from these speakers.

With MicrolabAV’s stereo systems, you have all your music in one place. Its iPod stereo systems accept your iPod in its docking station and delivers the music from it so clearly and beautifully that you will be amazed at how such wonderful sound emanates from such a small footprint of a device.

Enjoy your audiophile experience in the comfort of your own home when you have the products with the best sound quality from MicrolabAV.