logipenWhere you ever out of the office, taking notes and wished there was a way that you could instantly turn those hand written notes into a typed file that was easy to share with your co-workers – that’s exactly what you can do with LogiPen – Digital Pen. LogiPen – Digital Pen works like any other ball point pen on a type of paper, but LogiPen – Digital Pen stores the information that you hand write and lets you quickly and easily upload it to your PC for editing and sharing.

With LogiPen – Digital Pen you can instantly transform your handwritten note into a typed file and export it into a number of different MS formats like Word, Excel or PowerPoint and you don’t need to be anywhere near your PC to use it.

LogiPen – Digital Pen also works for drawings as well, so if you’ve got a layout of a room or a graph or chart that you’ve penned that needs to be uploaded to your computer for sharing – you can do it in seconds with LogiPen – Digital Pen.

LogiPen – Digital Pen also lets you write or draw directly onto your PC in tablet mode, so if you are at your computer but need to share a simple picture with colleagues or friends you can use your LogiPen – Digital Pen to make it happen. LogiPen – Digital Pen also works as a mouse for your PC while you are using tablet mode to provide you with the ultimate in convenience.

LogiPen – Digital Pen
is an incredibly innovative tool that has the capability of changing the way that you use your PC and the way that you do business for the better.

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