LiveScribeBeing connected in a meeting, in class or in the office can be a challenge at times, but a smart pen from LiveScribe can make it as simple as possible. With a built in microphone of a smart pen from LiveScribe you can record every word that is being said at the same time that you are taking notes – that way you’ll never miss a single important detail again.

Once your lecture, lesson or meeting is over, the smart pens from LiveScribe let you upload the notes and the audio recording directly to your computer. Once you’ve transferred the audio files and written notes from your LiveScribe smart pen onto your PC, the sky is literally the limit. You can print your files to take them with you, share them with other students or coworkers via an e-mail or save them in a special folder for easy access when you’ll need them again.

Missing pertinent details from a meeting or lecture could affect how you perform on an important quiz or test or it could affect your performance on an upcoming work project. The difference between success and failure can come from missing one simple detail – and the smart pens from LiveScribe will help to ensure that you never miss an important detail again.

If you need to take notes often at work or school and if those notes are important to your performance, you need a smart pen from LiveScribe so that you don’t run the risk of missing a single detail of a meeting or lecture.

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