Listen Technologies 7-Person Tour KitIf you are looking for an easier way to be heard from your audience, then you will want to take a look at the Listen Technologies 7-Person Tour Kit. This kit comes with everything that you need to be heard without the need to shout. Your voice can be heard for as far away as 300 feet. If you will be hosting a meeting, you should think about getting this set up for your meeting. There are 57 channels so you will always be able to find one that doesn’t have any interference on it.

How this kit works is that you will be able to talk in to a microphone in your own voice. You won’t have to make sure you are talking lower or louder than normal. Everyone in your meeting will be able to hear you loud and clear through their own set of headphones. Their headphones will be connected to the small unit which can be easily clipped to their belt. You will love how well this unit will work and everything that it has to offer your presentation. This is a great way for you to be heard loud and clear without needing an amplifier system.

When you purchase the Listen Technologies 7-Person Tour Kit it will come to you with everything that you need to get started. You will be glad to know that this kit is very simple for you to use and just as simple for your listeners to use. The next time you are going to be holding a meeting for your company, you will want to make sure that you already have this kit. It really will make your meeting run much smoother and you will know that everyone is hearing what it is that you have to say.

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