Why settle for an ordinary TV when you can get a widescreen, high-definition plasma TV like the LG INFINIA 60PK750 Plasma HDTV which not only brings TV viewing to another level with amazingly vibrant colors on a 60-inch screen but also brings the power of the internet into your TV by giving you immediate access to some of the best internet services – all these without a computer necessary.

The LG INFINIA 60PK750 Plasma HDTV comes with THX Display Certification (the industry standard for correct gamma, luminance and color temperature), your guarantee that the pictures meet cinematic standards. In addition, viewing quality is superior whether in a dark or bright room because it also has 600Hz Sub-Field Driving (eliminates motion blur), a protective Skin Glass, Dual XD Engine (maximizes picture quality), and a TruBlack Filter.

The Netcast Entertainment Access of the LG INFINIA 60PK750 Plasma HDTV gives you access to movie and TV shows, news and weather, and the world’s largest library of HD movies in 1080p. Get access to VUDU (an on-demand movie service for over 3,000 HD titles), watch YouTube videos from your tube, and with Yahoo! TV Widgets, check information like news, sports scores, stocks and even photos from Flickr.


Here are even more features you’ll love about the LG INFINIA 60PK750 Plasma HDTV:

  • Full HD 1080p resolution – With almost double pixel resolution, you get even more stunning pictures than an ordinary HDTV.
  • Intelligent sensor – Optimizes the picture according to lighting and color conditions in the room.
  • Dolby Digital – Gives you 5.1 channel surround sound
  • USB 2.0 – Connect external USB devices and look at JPEG photos or listen to MP3 files. This model can also play back DivX HD videl files from a USB drive.
  • Smart Energy Saving – Helps you conserve money and lower your utility bill.
  • SimpLink – all your LG devices can be controlled with just one remote.

With the LG INFINIA 60PK750 Plasma HDTV, you need not leave your couch to watch TV. And you need not turn on your computer to watch movies or videos on the web, check photos on Flickr or do other things requiring the internet. Everything will be available to you from that remote in your hand.

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