If you are looking to get a great disc player for your home then take a look at the  JVC XV-BP1 Blu-Ray Disc Player. This great player will change your home from just a home in to a valuable source of entertainment for your whole family. This Blu-Ray disc player will provide you with a quality that you didn't even know existed, you will be impressed by all that it has to offer and your entire family will take great pleasure in taking advantage of a much better quality of movies. When you use this disc player, you are using much more than just an ordinary disc player. You are using a technology which surpasses the competition.

The  JVC XV-BP1 Blu-Ray Disc Player features an  features HD audio bit-stream output, has BD Live 2.0 compatibility when you use it with USB memory, has easy filmware updates that include new movie trailers, updated subtitles, chat capabilities, online shopping, gaming, and much more. With technology like this your biggest problem may be how to get the family to leave the house! This is definitely a great way to bring your home in to the next century, you won't believe that all of this can come from one simple looking component.

If anyone in your family is having a special day coming up soon, then this is an excellent gift idea for them. It is one that will blow them away and leave them in awe at the thought that you put in to getting them a gift that will provide them with so much entertainment value. Plus, it is a gift that the entire family will be able to enjoy together as they bond and create special memories together. If you have a teen that spends way too much time away from the house, this is one way to make them want to spend more time at home.

Other details: JVC XV-BP1 Blu-Ray Disc Player with HD Audio Bit-Stream Output, HDMI 1080/24p Playback

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