Always being the handyman/handywoman has it's benefits and some of the best beers do not have twist-off caps. This iPhone, HTC and BlackBerry case has a built in bottle opener for you to show off to your friends.

HeadCase has designed these cases to open bottles and cans, that means no more chipped nails for the ladies. Each iPhone case bottle opener is made from stainless steel and has a ribbed inner design that keeps pressure off your phone and being a sealed moisture proof case, you don't have to worry about moisture damage to your phone while you are using your bottle opener.

To add to this nifty iPhone case bottle opener design you recieve a FREE iPhone app with your purchase that counts the bottle tops and cans you pop, displays pictures, plays sounds, and songs when you open a bottle or can with your phone case.

Order your HeadCase Phone Case Bottle Opener Here

HeadCase Shipping Details
Your iPhone case bottle opener case ships within 24-48 hours from Orlando Florida so you can show it off at the next party you attend. HeadCase processes orders Monday thru Friday, excluding holidays. Once payment for your order has been verified, your order will begin processing. For orders placed up until 11PM EST, all in-stock items will ship the next business day. This applies to all shipping methods. When your order is shipped, HeadCase will email you a tracking number, if available from the shipper.