Ionic Smokeless AshtrayEven some smokers can’t stand the smell of a smoke filled room and will go about opening windows to avoid the smell of smoke sticking to their clothes body and to the furniture. These problems plus that of the negative effects of second-hand smoke will be instantly reduced by using an Ionic Smokeless Ashtray. Owning an Ionic Smokeless Ashtray will serve smokers needs a number of ways.

First, the clear glass ashtray is just the right size and height for you to place aside your cigarette and dispose of it. The ashtray itself is easy to clean and use.

Second, there is a night light provided underneath the ashtray that will make it easier for a smoker to use it when it is dark. The Ionic Smokeless Ashtray can serve as a both a decorative and functional item in places like bedrooms, entertainment areas such as billiard rooms and dens.

Third. The Ionic Smokeless Ashtray will turn all the smoke captured by the positively charged dome - strategically placed above the ashtray - making the cigarette smoke turn into negative ions to stop the pollution from its source. This will not only help clear the air but will greatly reduce the lingering smoke smells left behind by a cigarette.

The new space saving and futuristic multi-functional design of the Ionic Smokeless Ashtray will enable it to be used practically anywhere. You have the option to either plug it in or use it portability features by using batteries. The Ionic Smokeless Ashtray is designed for easy clean up and can greatly help in clearing up the air around an ashtray. It won't cost you a lot of money to buy this Ionic Smokeless Ashtray and it will do you good service for a very long time. If your choice was limited to only one ashtray to buy, the Ionic Smokeless Ashtray is the best purchase that you can make.

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