gizmocaseLet’s face it, your iPhone is one of the most important parts of your daily routine – it lets you communicate with your friends, family and co-workers; it plays your favorite music, movies and shows; it tells you how to get where your going and it can even turn on your lights for you before you get home.

This type of device needs to be with you at all times and it needs to be protected – and this is exactly what the GizmoCase does for you. The four piece design of the GizmoCase provides the ultimate in protection for you iPhone – the heavy silicone case helps protect against scratches and damage from falls and the rigid skeleton frame protects against damage from bumps and incidental contact.

The GizmoCase also lets you have fearless portability of your iPhone –the secure holster keeps your i-phone attached to your waistband or belt, or the lanyard attachment allows you to hang your iPhone right around your neck for activities that require lots of movement like biking, hiking or shopping.

The easy to use credit card case attaches securely to the skeleton frame and lets you travel confidently without having to worry about your wallet. Easily carry your ID and a few credit cards on quick trips and leave your wallet or bulky bag at home.

You can use just the silicone cover to protect your iPhone around the house or at the office or holster up the complete protective case and have no fear about the safety of your most prized personal accessory while you are on the road. If you have an iPhone – you need a GizmoCase to ensure that it is safe and secure at all times.