One of the best ways of making a personal statement and to show your unique personality is to dress up your gadgets. Whether you have a mobile phone, a game device, laptop or tablet, GelaSkins has just the right removable decal that not only protects your mobile gadgets but also brings art out of the galleries and onto your gadget.

GelaSkins uses only the best materials to protect your expensive gadgets. After all, gadgets don’t come cheap so they deserve to be protected by the best.  Have you ever seen how cheap screen protectors are so difficult to apply and even when you manage to get them on, those ugly bubbles form on the surface and are almost impossible to get rid of? No such problem with GelaSkins. It uses the patented 3M special adhesive that has micro-channels embedded onto the material that prevent air bubbles from forming on the surface of the gadget. The adhesive easily goes on, can be peeled again and again so you can reposition it, and easily peels off if you feel like changing skins, even after years of use. Over a hundred artists contributed their best works which GelaSkins transformed into mobile works of art. Almost every genre of artists is represented. There are GelaSkins for those who go for classic designs, renditions of nature, abstract artwork, and even anime themes. GelaSkins is available for almost every brand of gadget that is currently out, including the iPad, Kindle and Nook. Bring your favorite artwork around with you and when you tire of that, GelaSkins is easily peeled off so you can replace it with another work of art. No residue whatsoever is left on your gadget when GelaSkins is peeled off or repositioned.

Make your phone, laptop or gaming device look different. Make a statement and express your individuality while ensuring that your device is totally protected from scratches. Get your skins only from GelaSkins.

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