Flipper RemoteWatching television is always a favorite pasttime of people because one gets to watch the latest news, TV sitcoms, and cable shows in the privacy of your home, at a hotel or resort, or even at your own business office. While it is true that television has come a long way from manual operation to the use of the remote controls, here is a better way to watch your favorite programs. With the Flipper Remote, you can tune in to your favorite TV channels, program any movie, and even lock each pre-set program so that no young child or senior person can mistakenly erase your pre-set programs.

The Flipper Remote is a new and easy tool to replace your ordinary remote control. It works well with your TV, cable, satellite, and digital converters, minimizing the use of TV menus and guides. The buttons on the Flipper Remote are big, and the numbers and letters are easy to read too. You are able to set up your favorite TV and movie programs as many as 30 channels on a button. To keep all these pre-set programs ready for use, you can also lock these pre-set programs so that none of the children or old-timers can reprogram them and disrupt your favorite shows. This new innovative tool can be used wherever there is a TV available. Start enjoying your favorite programs uninterrupted anytime.

Get your family or friends to watch with you during a reunion or get-together. In handling only 1 piece of equipment with the Flipper Remote, you prevent any loss of TV guide or other remote control unit if you don’t have a Flipper Remote. To give you a worry-free, exciting and continuous movie experience, get the Flipper Remote and use it to your advantage.

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