espymallProtecting you personal and business property has never been more important than it is right now; you really never know who you can trust. If you have a small business where employees are left alone with funds and pertinent information, you need to protect yourself and your assets by whatever means necessary – and often that means installing a hidden camera at the office.

The very same goes for your home or apartment – do you have a maid, maintenance man or baby sitter that has access to your property when you aren’t around? If you do a hidden camera could be a very wise investment. has a huge selection of hidden cameras that are easy to install and conceal in any office, home, car or even on yourself to catch potentially unscrupulous employees or individuals in the act and to protect your home, your family and your business.

You can also get visible security cameras, computer security software and complete closed circuit television security systems to deter potential criminals from acting or to secure the evidence that you need to convict if they do. has a complete array of security options to prevent would be criminals from entering your home like easy to install and operate door alarms and window sensors. You’ll also find a nice selection of personal security items if the criminals get past your first line of defense - stun guns, pepper sprays and batons are effective methods of self defense against violent attackers. has the most versatile and easy to use selection of hidden spy equipment and home and personal protection products available and their prices simply can’t be beat. If you want to upgrade the safety of your home and business and feel completely safe and secure, is the place to shop.

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