Epic_Stealth_CamDo you get out on weekends to tear up the track, trail or mountain course and want to capture every second of your insane ride on film for posterity? That’s exactly what the Epic Stealth Cam will let you do.

The Epic Stealth Cam comes with a variety of mounting options to get your new camera onto your helmet, your hat, your bike or even onto a tree. Film the wildest mountain bike races, dirt bike races or motor bike rides and with an optional waterproof shell you can even film some insane boating or kayaking adventures.

Jumps, twists, turns, triumphs and falls – your Epic Stealth Cam can help you to capture each and every one and let you play it back for your friends who couldn’t make it to the trail. There is nothing more exciting than a mountain bike, bmx or cyclo-cross race and the Epic Stealth Cam is the perfect camera for you to get every single breathtaking second on film.

Extreme sports like mountain biking are getting more and more popular every day, with races all over the country, opportunities for sponsorships and even pro contracts available to the top riders – if you are planning on getting into the act, you’ll want to get yourself a camera that is built to catch the action. The Epic Stealth Cam is made for the rigors that will be put upon it in the atmosphere of extreme sports – so if you plan on playing hard, the camera that you need is the Epic Stealth Cam.

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