eluma ecigThere are plenty of reasons to give up your traditional smoking habit – among the tops on the list are the ridiculous cost of a pack of cigarettes these days and the fact that you can’t seem to actually legally smoke them anywhere other than in your own home anymore, but some people aren’t totally ready to just kick the habit cold turkey.

eluma Electronic Cigarettes are a high quality solution to the problems of traditional smoking – eluma looks, feels and tastes like a regular cigarette, but gives off no smoke and produces no ash and it costs a fraction of what retailers are charging for regular cigarette these days.

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The eluma Electronic Cigarette comes in six awesome flavors including traditional tobacco and menthol for those who want a true smoking experience and flavors like chocolate, vanilla and espresso for those looking for a little variety. You choose the appropriate strength of eluma Electronic Cigarettes for you from four different options ranging from full down to nicotine free – this makes eluma Electronic Cigarettes a great option for people who want to gradually wean themselves from their nicotine addiction and eventually completely kick the smoking habit.

You don’t have to be the outcast at parties, at work or at social occasions any longer – with eluma Electronic Cigarettes you don’t have to be pushed outside into the cold to sneak a cigarette, only to return to people snickering and complaining about the smell from your clothes. Smoke wherever you want, with no smoke, no ash and no hassle with eluma Electronic Cigarettes.

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