The Discount Laptop Shop is the laptop shop with big discounts that has sold over 1 Million computers since 2009. It's easy to assume that you can get discounts but you might want to know what kind of laptops are sold at this site. Here's this computer online store review.

The brand that this site carries are Dell. There are 3 models with low prices which are as follows; DELL Latitude D420 for $81.99, the DELL Latitude D620 for $121.99, or the DELL Latitude D630 for $151.99. You pay an additional $15.99 shippng and handling fees.

These laptops include Windows XP Professional, Avast Anti-Virus, Open Office, Power DVD & Roxio Easy CD Creator. The Discount Laptop Shop is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher. The bill for these software is broken down into 2 monthly payments of $49.99. Terrific deal, you can get to buy the laptop at the cheap price and have the software so you are ready to use it!

You can look around the internet and find exactly the same refurbished models for sale that cost at least $100 more. The ones on sale at this site are covered by a warranty and you have the option to get it on an extended warranty.

If you have been looking for a cheap laptop, this is the place to get them! Dell is an excellent brand and you might want to be backed up by the warranty that this site offers rather than just buying a second hand laptop from an acquittance or from just anybody. When you want a cheap laptop, be a wise shopper and get it from the Discount Laptop Shop.