I use DataJack so I can be connected wherever I go. DataJack keeps my family online with their WiFi capable devices. On the road, I don't have to search for WiFi. And, I got the DataJack connectivity even if I have bad credit.

Mobile wireless Internet is important to me as I do a lot of my business online. I was stuck with being plugged to my Internet connection all the time. It was a hassle to bring my laptop as I no longer wanted to hang out in coffee shops anymore or inside malls to use it as these are the places that have WiFi. Now, I can go fishing and up to my mountain cabin and still have Internet - not just for me, but for my entire family.

With DataJack, I'm free. Free to go where I please and still be connected. Free of yearly and monthly plans that I have to pay. I didn't have to pay any deposit nor is there a lock-in period or contract. With my low credit score, since DateJack has no credit check, I got my DataJack MiFi. It's GPS capable, fast, and I can connect up to 5 WiFi capable devices within a 3o-foot radius.

I told my brother about it and he got the DataJack USB. It's plug and play, 3G Broadband Internet, and he even added to it a 2 Gigabyte micro SD memory card. He says that it is super fast and he doesn't have any issues with it. He is planning to go on vacation next month, so he won't pay after this month, and only reactivate his account when he comes back from his trip.

DataJack ensures that I stay connected. In this digital age, no one can really afford to be virtually unreachable.

I am so glad I bought DataJack. Now, my family and I are online anywhere we go. The kids finally are willing to come with me because even if we are at the mountain cabin, they can still go on Facebook, YouTube, and their other favorite sites. DataJack has a fast and reliable connection and is the best choice for the budget conscious like me.