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Use CradlePoint Cellular Routers when there is no Cable, DSL, or Satellite, or if you don't want to be dependent on these kinds of Internet connections. Connectivity is vital in this day and age, especially in business. If you want to be continously in touch the virtual world, be it in your home or office, the way to do it is with CradlePoint Cellular Routers that has products which ar developed to suit your requirements.

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CradlePoint routers and adapters can be used for mobile computing with handheld/cradle devices, kiosks, M2M, automated teller machines, retail POS, digital signage, and more. There is a CradlePoint releases router that provides full 4G LTE and WiMAX performance. A few of the features of these routers are 3G/4G Failover/Failback Internet redundancy, safe 'Out Of The Box' unique router names and passwords Manage, WiPipe central, and the capability to use an adapter as antenna to get the best signal.

When it comes to innovative mobile broadband solutions, you have to check out these routers to solve the issues that have to be dealt with. Ensure that your home and business is using the leading router by choosing your CradlePoint Cellular Router today.