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Clear Play, the latest DVD player, has a filtering technology to take out profanity, nudity, or violence according to your prefences for child-safe viewing. Family entertainment at it's finest. Clear Play was featured in numerous news reports, as you will see on the Clear Play website.  With all the innappropiate material taken out so you can give your kids family edited movies and more terrific high-tech features, the DVD player that is has over 875 million downloaded filters which is Clear Play.

Clear is the easiest way to keep watching movies safe for your kids. Clear Play makes your viewing pleasure cinematic. Find out what this new DVD player has and the other incredible innovations that it has it this Clear Play review.

Ever watch a DVD movie with your kid that made you tell them to cover their eyes? A lot of movies nowadays contain scenes and words that are not good for children to view as these things will be a warped influence to their innocent minds. An erotic love scene or a violent one will make an impact on them and one that can do more harm than good. How do you screen all the movies? The way to do it is by getting the latest DVD player which is Clear Play.

Clear Play can be set to filter out these unwanted elements - including profanities. So, if a child will be watching a film unsupervised, you can be assured that there will be no content that won't be edited. The Clear Play DVD filtering technology will do an excellent job as even a guardian cannot anticipate that there will be an unwanted scene, unlike the option you have to use the parental controls with the Clear Play DVD. It is the best DVD that you can purchase as you will discover more about in this Clear Play review.

Clear Play makes a DVD's performance equal to that of your TV. If you have an HDTV, the clarity and stability of the movie you will be watching can be made into an excellent home theater experience with Clear Play. Old DVD's will have low video fidelity and the movies will flicker, but with the Clear Play DVD  - the viewing pleasure will be peaked in accordance to the TV that you are using. The Clear Play DVD has the state-of-the-art upconverting technology which is the feature that can do this for you.

Clear Play is the DVD player to use for these innovative and special features such as:

Parental controls
Upconverting DVD movies to 720p, 1080i, or 1080p
Loading of new filters
Storing of filters on a thumb drive
Does not alter the DVD
Multiple playback formats
Aspect ration controls
Dynamic range compression
Freeze frame
Frame advance
Repeat play
Resume play
Picture zoon
Multiple angle
Screen saver

Own a Clear Play DVD player for every TV in your household now that you see how fantastic it is as itemized in this Clear Play review. Be worry-free and provide your family with safe and enhanced entertainment. If you love watching movies and your kids love watching them too, using Clear Play ensures that you have the best and the parental guidance capability of the latest DVD player.

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Clear Play reviews