Carrot InkWhen you do a lot of printing, you want your printouts to look professional and yet you want your cartridges to last as long as possible so you get your money's worth from them. Premium inkjet and laser toner cartridges are the way to go when you want printed documents and photographs to last a long time. Carrot Ink uses only high-quality, genuine ink, whether in color or black and white, for both inkjet and laser toner cartridges. Carrot Ink carries products of well-known brands like Apple, Brother, Canon, Lexmark, Pitney Bowes, Xerox, and yet, because the owners of Carrot Ink realize that ink cartridges should not cost more than a printer, they have been able to cut prices so that you get them 30%-70% cheaper than getting them at regular outlets. Furthermore, because Carrot Ink is manufactured under ISO 9001 standards, it further guarantees that the products your receive have undergone and passed extensive testing and therefore are of premium quality and are 100 percent safe.

Aside from inkjet and laser toner cartridges, Carrot Ink also provides other products like thermal fax film, ink refills, paper products, and rechargeable batteries. Ink refills, in color or in plain black, are available when you prefer to refill your cartridges yourself without sacrificing quality. Paper products and kits include the types of paper used for printing documents on plain paper or with background design or borders, as well as for printing photos on glossy photo paper. Rechargeable batteries which are portable and eco-friendly are also available. Whatever you need for your family's needs or work-related projects, Carrot Ink is a great source for all your printing needs.

Using only genuine products from Carrot Ink for your home or business ventures is a good investment because they save you a lot of money. They not only produce high-quality printouts but they also protect your printing equipment from being damaged. Get beautifully-designed paper and photo printouts with Carrot Ink products to capture every memorable event in your life.

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