A Callet is a protective cell phone case with slit pocket slots in the back. The Callet is such a practical buy. This new Blackberry and iPhone cell phone accessory might be all you need to bring along. When you need a wallet and a case, minimize what you are carrying when your cell phone case may be use to hold money and credit cards. Why tote around 2 items when you may use a Callet?

This innovative cell phone cover comes in 4 great colors. Pink, blue, black, or white, pick one Callet to suit your style or get all four to be able to coordinate your case cover with your outfit or mood.

Most people have their phone with them wherever they go. Using a Callet allows you to travel light. When you bring your phone, make sure it may hold the money you need, a key, and your driver’s license. The only cell phone case in the world that you can use to do this is the Callet.

If you had read other cell phone cases reviews, then you would realize that this Callet review provides you with the total upgraded case.

Aside from the four colors that you can chose from, you can pick the Callet according to the iPhone or Blackberry that you own. This ensure that the cover has the perfect openings for the camera viewing hole and recharger. Cellphone cases that fit to a tee.

Here is the list of the cell phones that can have the function of a wallet while wearing a Callet case:

IPhone 4/4s
IPhone 3G/GS
Blackberry Bold 9900 Series
Blackberry Curve 3G/8500/9300 Series
Blackberry Curve 8300 Series
Blackberry Curve 8900 Series
Blackberry Bold 9700 Series
Blackberry Bold/ Tour 9600 Series

A Blackberry or iPhone can do a lot of things for you. Slip on the new cell phone case to protect it and to add the function of a wallet. Slim, sleek, and compact, the Callet suits your lifestyle.

This Callet reviews offers is terrific. For the low price of $19.95, you can get to own a Callet, the protective case that doubles as a wallet. Order your new cell phone case and wallet now.