BrickHouseSecurityIt’s a dangerous world out there – in order to keep yourself, your family and your property safe you might need a little assistance. BrickHouse Security has everything you need to keep those closest to and your prized possessions as safe as possible regardless of the situation.

BrickHouse Security goes way beyond the basics to meet virtually every one of your needs for a high quality hidden camera. You can get a high quality camera in the shape of an alarm clock, soda can, peephole, air purifier and many other completely innocent appearing items that are present in just about every house or business. If you have suspicions that your maid, babysitter, gardener or one of the nighttime employees at your office is doing something that they shouldn’t be – you can catch them in the act with a camera that is so cleverly disguised that it couldn’t be picked up by even the most seasoned criminal.

Need a tracking device – BrickHouse Security has them. If your business has a delivery driver that you suspect may be using the company car for things other than scheduled deliveries, BrickHouse Security can help you nip that problem in the bud with dozens of different GPS trackers in all shapes, sizes and price ranges.

BrickHouse Security has also got all the gear you need to know where your kids have been on your computer or who or what they’ve been texting and a wide variety of personal safety gear from mace to stun guns and even self defense videos. If you want protection – you can get it at BrickHouse Security.

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