Quickly check the alcohol level in the breath with a Breathalyzer. Portable, from keychain types to the heavy duty one, the devices are no longer restricted to use by the law enforcers. There are Breathalyzers for personal and professional use with either LED or digital display.

The smallest unit is a Keychain Breathalyzer. The features of this one are astounding for such a compact device:

Fully functional breath breath alcohol tester
Internal alcohol sense to estimate Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)
Folding mouthpiece
Option mouthpieces for multiple users
Test results range from zero to 0.40 BAC
FDA cleared for personal use

With various devices to choose from, the ease of use of these devices and accuracy are a couple of the reasons why this is one of the most popular breath analyzers.

Owning one of these is a great to check yourself when you are drinking to avoid the risk of getting caught for a DUI. A breath analyzer is must cheaper that bail that can come up to thousands of dollars. It surely is a good way to do time because you had one drink too much.

Having the designated drive use a breath analyzer is way to keep safe. The concern is for all those who are riding in the vehicle which includes the one driving it. Lessen the risk of road accidents by asking the driver to take a simple breath test.

Why guess what the BAC is when one can take a test using a Breathalyzer? You don’t have to wait for the cops to do this drunken driving test step.

It takes only a few seconds to breath into the mouthpiece. If the test is passed, this will help the person driving have peace of mind that they are safe from this type of violation. If the test shows results higher than the acceptable limit, the thing to do is to walk, get a designated driver, or call a cab.

Using this device will help everyone concerned such as the driver, passengers, people in another vehicle, and pedestrians. It will also save the vehicle from minor to major accidents.

Regrets always come after. If you think there is a need to use this or give it as a gift to someone, then it might be the right time to decide.

There are Breathalyzers on sale for less than $50. Using this kind of test before driving may save a life, and that life might be yours.