BioBrite Sunrise Alarm ClockIf you find that an obnoxiously loud and annoying alarm clock wakes you up in a bad mood, then you will be happy to learn about the BioBrite Sunrise Clock. This clock has a less annoying way of waking you up in the morning that won't put you in an instant bad mood. This sunrise clock will wake you up by slowly creating a sunrise in your room. This will tell your brain to begin the wake up process. The nice thing about this is that you will wake up nice and gradually. This will give you time to adjust and wake up in a good mood and ready to begin your day.

Another great thing about the BioBrite Sunrise Clock is that it also has a mode that will help you to wind down at night time and fall to sleep nice and calmly. This clock has a sunset setting that will produce a nice and slow sunset effect that will help your mind adjust to the fact that it's night time and help you to get to sleep. This way of going to sleep is much more relaxing and it allows you to get used to the idea of falling asleep before you feel forced to do so. If you are a person that tends to have problems falling asleep, this clock will really help you out.

The wonderful thing about the BioBrite Sunrise Clock is that whether you have it on the sunrise or sunset setting, it will produce slow results that will help you to get in to the mood of wither waking or sleeping slowly. You won't believe the difference that this can really make to your mood. Nobody likes to feel rushed and forced to do something before they are ready. This is the same with waking up and falling to sleep. It does come with a backup beeper so that you will be sure that you will wake up in time and you won't be late to start your day. This clock also makes the perfect gift for someone you know that has a hard time waking up in a good mood.

Wake up to BioBrite Sunrise Clock and start your mornings up with relaxing alarm clock