8-pc PAR64B-LEDWhen I attend plays in theaters, I notice that theater lights play a very large role in communicating the mood of the scene. The lights can be darkened to portray evening or a scary scene; all lit up for a joyful scenario; lights alternating to convey different seasons of the year; blinked rapidly as though lightning was striking the stage, and many more stage effects that can be conveyed by the combination of colors from the lights. The 8-pc PAR64B-LED is perfect for anyone who runs a mobile or club business, is involved in stage plays. Gel sheets are now a thing of the past as you can automate the tempo, sequence and type of colors with the 8-pc. PAR64B-LED

The PAR 64 LED is a DMX-512 controllable, full RGB color mix par can. The red, green and blue LEDs are bright and double-sized and can be separately controlled to give you an almost unlimited range of colors. It can be operated as a stand-alone lighting set, run built-in, sound-activated programs in Master/Slave mode, or do other variations of lighting via DMX-512 control utilizing 5 DMX channels. With the automated programs you can adjust the lights to show a single color, multi-colors, a rainbow, or a variable strobe. Each light is only 2.78 lbs. That is because the can is made of aluminum. It also consumes very little energy at only 12W. Each of the 8 lights comes with its own XLR25 (a 25 foot DMX extension cable and a Male 3 pin XLR to female 3 pin XLR). When you order the 8-pc PAR64B-LED, you also get for free the OPT1216 controller. With this you can control up to 192 DMX channels and 12 individual fixture channels. It has a strobe control button and allows control of up to 12 separate intelligent lights with up to 16 DMX channels per fixture. You can record up to a maximum of 6 programmable chases with fade times and different speeds. It also has 8 individual faders that can be programmed easily to provide intelligent lighting and dimming effects.

Ensure that your stage production will always look very professional by getting the 8-pc PAR64B-LED with 8 pcs. XLR25 and a free OPT1216 Controller. And when you click on the link below, you will be able to get this at over 25% off the list price.

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