What’s the best way to find a tutor?

Access a large database of tutors to find one in your area. Review each tutor before selecting one to hire. Wyzant Tutoring is the site where selecting tutors is made easy.

Using the search engine, looking through ads, and find one based on recommendations are usual ways find a tutor. Search engine results are voluminous, the ones who posted in ads may not be qualified, and recommendations provide you with very few choices.

Consider going to an employment agency like Wyzant Tutoring that specializes in this field. Here are a few reasons why it is to your advantage to find tutors with the help of this site:

Search a Database of over 30,000 Tutors

*Tutors have been manually tested and reviewed
*Database search by subject and zip code
*Over 30,000 tutors in the database
*Over 200 subjects that they specialize in
*You may review and talk to the tutor before hiring
*Lessons may be scheduled online
*The first hour of tutoring is refundable if not 100% satisfied

Tutorial rates are from $25 to $50 per hour. It is possible to get a discount of up to 20%. Fees are paid online or by phone through credit card, PayPal, or money order.

If you need a tutor right away, there is a choice of qualified tutors in your vicinity. Pre-screened, finding the right one can all be done online. The other methods are time-consuming and even if there are a lot of good tutors out there, with Wyzant Tutoring, you have the right to approve the tutor.

Sometimes, because the need is great, we settle for what is available. Choosing a tutor is a crucial decision. Make sure that the tutor you will be hiring has passed the standards of an employment agency. If there is an immediate need or long term, search for a tutor using Wyzant.

A student of Wyzant Tutorial services may apply for college scholarship. To learn the details of how to submit the requirements, visit the website.