Traveling BearIf you are a parent with young kids aged 3-7 or if you have friends with children that age, you want to be able to guide them through the valuable experiences that life has to offer. However, the short attention span of children can be an obstacle sometimes. My young kids could only sit for half an hour at most, then their attention would wander to other things. Traveling Bear is just the right thing to keep them occupied while teaching them the important things in life. It is like a book club for kids. Traveling Bear consists of 14 books in a series with each book having its own CD. The CDs that comes with the books to help the children read along and develop their reading skills. The first book, Traveling Bear and the Drive-Through Safari, is all about a bear and his friends who go on a safari to learn about different animals.

When you visit Traveling Bear's website, you will find a link that will give you $20 off your starter kit which includes books 1-4, their associated CDs, Series 1-4 DVDs, 1 backpack, 1 music CD and 1 12-inch plush traveling bear, all for only $99.95. Both the book series and the song CDs have won the 2009 I-Parenting Excellent Product and 2009 I-Parenting Hot Product Awards. is a Disney Family company. That should reassure you that Traveling Bear is the best educational and entertainment gift you can give your kids.

Teach your children proper character formation values, the right combination of leadership skills, and confidence as they build their reading skills through the Traveling Bear book/CD series and see how the stories captivate their attention as they turn the pages of the books and follow it through the CDs and DVDs. And after all that, they will have cuddle time left over as they play with the plushy Traveling Bear that comes with the starter kit.

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