2 Sure Ways to Save Money On Textbooks

After tuition has been paid there are other expected expenses such as school supplies. Among these, the one that costs the most are text books. 80% off the listed price is a whooping discount that will greatly reduce the burden of this expense for parents and students.

One cannot survive in college without reference material and what the book contains cannot be found online. Textbooks are a requirement in many subject and there are times, there is an additional list of supplementary reading material suggested by the professor.

Luckily, most the textbooks that are being used by the current year might have been the one used by the former batches. Many students get to benefit from hand-me-downs or buying second hand books. But there are more students that are not able to do this.

Text Book Stop has more options to choose from than than any other textbook rental online store. Why struggle trying to source second-hand textbooks when one can use this school supplies resource?

The 2 sure ways to save money are to Buy Used Textbooks and Rent Textbooks from Text Book Stop. The savings can go from a low of 4% to a high of 80% discount from the brand new list price.

List Price: $110.80
Rental Price: $23.50
Savings: 79%

List Price: $216.95
Rental Price: $107.21
Savings: 51%

The amount of money that can be saved is tremendous. Imagine, if a dollar is removed from the price of ten books, that means $10 less. At Text Book Stop, the discounts are much more than a dollar as it can be as much as over $100 less for a textbook.

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Even if a person has the budget, it is the practical decision to make.  There is nothing wrong with using 2nd hand books. It's also an eco-friendly decision to buy used and rent textbooks!

Another thing that is great about Text Book Stop is that shipping is free. Choosing a textbook here means worry-free shopping and more savings than from retail bookstores and other online book rentals.

Sell Old Textbooks

And, for those who want to dispose of old textbooks, it is possible to do so with the help of this site. There is an online tool at Text Book Stop that will quote the price of the textbook after the ISBN number is listed.

Be prepared for the coming semester by knowing where to buy used textbooks and rent them. Get extra reference material cheap. Use these tips to help save money because at Text Book Stop, the discounts are enormous.