Thai is one of the more complicated Asian languages, with its strange sounds and singsong intonation that can mean different things with different inflections. But learning Thai need not be painful. Speak Easy Thai is a helpful Windows software that will help you to learn Thai in no time. The program is simple to use but highly effective as it shows words alongside their respective images and comes with a voice file saying how each word if pronounced with the proper tones. If you need to learn Thai because you are relocating to Thailand, have business dealings with Thai-speaking business colleagues, or simply interested in learning an Asian language, Speak Easy Thai will help you along painlessly and effectively. And because Speak Easy Thai constantly updates its software (for free), your dictionaries, images and sound files remain up-to-date.

In this day and age, learning a language by spending on a teacher who will teach you one-on-one or in a class is a luxury. Many successful new-language learners have taken to self-studying so that they can go at their own pace, either faster than the norm or a bit slower than the norm for those who have a harder time grasping the language. When using Speak Easy Thai’s software, you can learn by first choosing the topic you’d want to engage in, and start with learning a few randomly chosen (by the program) words, the next time you try the same topic, the program randomly chooses another set of words. You can also opt to learn by choosing the situation instead of the topic so that you can try to practice the words in daily situations. Speak Easy Thai also comes with a grammar book to help you use the words you’ve learned, correctly. Before you know it, you’ll be speaking the language better than those who’ve tried learning the language in a class, and at a much lower expense.

It’s so easy to get it. Immediate download is available after receipt of payment, so you can get to learning the Thai language in a snap. When you’re working at your own pace using Speak Easy Thai, there’s no need to feel rushed because you’re learning at a pace different from the others. Speak Easy Thai meets you at the pace where you are comfortable and lets you progress at your own speed. With Speak Easy Thai, you’re just a click away from a whole new world and adventure.