Signing TimeAll parents want the best possible start in life for their children. A very important part of their harmonious development is a solid and early education. And that can begin even before your child starts saying mom and dad. Using signs you can communicate with your child as fast as three months after birth. Teaching children to express themselves by using signs has great benefits for them on the long term. Actual scientific studies have shown that a child that learns to sign has increased abilities in reading and writing, as well as a higher IQ! Once in school, their results will be better and they will pick up new information easily. Needles to say, they will be more prone to communicate and express themselves and they will quickly fit in at school or in a sports team.

Your life as a new parent will be a lot easier- children will use a sign to express a need rather than throwing objects around or crying loudly. You will have the unparalleled satisfaction of spending quality time with your kids, without the commotion of the natural language barrier between you. So don't hesitate and try Signing Time's scientifically verified method in signing education.

Signing Time offers two distinctive DVD solutions. The Signing Time Full Collection DVD Set contains all the information and exercises your family needs to start exercising signing. Or if you want a simpler start, there's the Baby Signing Time DVD Gift Set that was especially created for babies 3 to 36 months old. So don't hesitate and order your desired DVD pack today. You will do a great deal of good for your child on the long run.

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