For infants to young children including special ones, Signing Time has educational tools to learn baby sign language, ASL, speech, reading, potty training, and more.

Address the need of babies to communicate, and even the ones with Delayed learning, Autism, Downs Syndrome, and the hearing impaired - parents, educators, daycare centers, libraries, and those in the medical profession seek this resource site for kids to use these communication aids and learn how to do things like use the toilet with ease.

Baby Sign Language

The most popular products of Signing Time are their DVDs on how to teach a baby sign language. A communication aid, both the parent, guardians, and the child will greatly benefit from this form of communication.

Baby Sign Language is easy to learn at home using the Signing Time DVDs and books. Award-winning videos are fun to watch together!

You might be aware of the fact that there are different kinds of crying. A baby that cries when hungry is not the same as that of one in pain or uncomfortable because of an overflowing diaper. Some babies learn how to point at what they want at an early age. If an infant learns how to use sign language, then they can signal what they need.


American Sign Language can be learned with the use of a DVD series. For parents who have children who are interested in this, and those who need it to communicate, Singing Time has the educational videos needed.

One out of 10 Americans have some degree of hearing loss. Be it for communication to a child, adult, or to the elderly, or as a skill to be able to help others, learning ASL is made easy with Signing Time. Learn ASL by watching the video series from Signing Time.

Potty Training

When a toddler views the Potty Training video, it will be much simpler for them to understand how to go potty. This can save a lot of stress for parents that typically occurs when toilet training a child.

With the right visual aids such as videos and flash cards that Signing Time has, a child can learn faster. Be it for an infant or a kid with special needs, there are educational tools that will make it possible to teach a child something new.

If you want to learn more about the wide variety of educational tools that invaluable aids, please feel free to browse the online display at Signing Time.