If you’ve always wanted to learn the language of romance – French – and speak it like a native with confidence, turn to Rosetta Stone – French. It is an interactive language program with proprietary speech recognition technology and with a teaching method that incorporates image and word association. No English words or phases are included in the lessons. Instead you will be taught French as easily as you learned to speak your very own native tongue.

As babies, we listened, processed images, and with constant exposure to a word or phrase with images and actions, began associating them together. This is what we call Dynamic Immersion. Rosetta Stone – French uses that very same winning method in its courses so that you learn French naturally, intuitively and easily.

Rosetta Stone – French uses these 3 techniques to make you learn French in the most natural, proficient and comprehensive way:

  • Natural Discovery – Puzzle-like environments, using sounds, images and text presented in a systematic way, help you absorb meanings intuitively.
  • Speech Activation – The speech recognition software immediately provides immediate and ongoing assessments of your speech. Learn to pronounce words, syllables and sentences correctly, like a native speaker.
  • Native Socialization – You get to practice with native speakers in live, interactive sessions as well as play games and chat with other learners in the language community.

Rosetta Stone – French includes the entire set of 5 language levels. With your order, you will get the proprietary speech recognition technology, live online practice sessions led by interactive tutors, an audio companion for your CD or mp3 player so you can practice on the go, language-enhancing games to further improve your French proficiency in real-world situations, a headset with microphone, and a learning application for your iPhone iPod Touch device.

Speaking French like a native, with a lot of confidence, will make travel easy for you. Easily impress work colleagues or business partners as well with your fluency in the French language. All these you will easily learn when you get your very own set of Rosetta Stone – French.

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