If you have always been interested in learning how to speak Japanese, and are ready to go beyond memorizing phrases and words that will get you nowhere in a real situation when you need to know more than just the Konnichiwa’s” and “O-Hayo’s” of the Japanese language, Rocket Japanese is the perfect place to start. Rocket Japanese makes learning the Japanese language as convenient and as easy as possible. This complete language course includes 31 Interactive Audio Lessons and 31 Language and Culture Lessons, a set of 3 MegaJapanese Software Games and a wide selection of self-tests and quizzes (so you can check your progress at any point) and an easily accessible Learner’s Forum where you can ask all your Japanese language questions anytime of the day.


Are you always on the move? You get 24/7 online access to all your lessons and learning materials, so you can simply pick up where you left off, wherever you may be. Assistance is also available wherever you are:  ask any question or share any concerns with a team of teachers and fellow students on the Learner’s Forum. It’s like being in a virtual classroom at the convenience of any location. Want to maximize your time? Learn how to speak Japanese while running on the treadmill, while cooking dinner or on the train ride home from work. With a 31-lesson Interactive Audio Course, not a single minute of your time goes to waste. And if you are ready to go beyond sentence structure and basic grammar without breaking a sweat, MegaJapanese—another exciting feature of Rocket Japanese —lets you do just.

With MegaJapanese’s 3 word games, MegaVocab, MegaAudio and MegaHiragana, you can easily improve your vocabulary, your understanding of spoken Japanese, and your ability to write Japanese without that boring pen-and-paper exam feel that other language courses have. MegaVocab makes learning new Japanese words more exciting and less intimidating. MegaAudio takes learning words to another level too, teaching you how to listen and understand spoken Japanese so you can learn to enjoy your favourite Japanese movies, shows, and music videos without those distracting subtitles at the bottom of the screen. For the students who also want to learn more about Japanese characters, there is also MegaHiragana, a user-friendly game that introduces written Japanese and its origins to the student.

Rocket Japanese allows all students to learn at a pace they are comfortable with, while providing a fun yet holistic approach to learning the Japanese language. Aside from just teaching you to speak Japanese confidently, the Cultural Lessons offer a glimpse into a traditional Japanese setting by giving you essential information about a variety of topics: Japanese etiquette, travel tips, shopping and dining in Japan, and so on. This way, you can efficiently put to use the language you have learned and be confident conversing in any day-to-day encounter.

Get Rocket Certified, too! After completing all the Certificate Tests successfully, you will receive a Rocket Japanese Certificate, a qualification equivalent to the A1 and A2 levels of the Common European Frame of Reference for Language. So whether you are looking to study or work abroad, or to simply broaden your horizons, Rocket Japanese helps you get there. Try Rocket Japanese today!