Rocket ItalianIf you're heading for Italy to study, go on a business trip, or enjoy a family vacation, you will enjoy your trip a lot more if you are able to communicate with the Italians in their own language. Speaking Italian with the native Italians not only breeds a special closeness between you but also allows you to experience Italy in a unique way. With Rocket Italian, you will be able to speak Italian naturally through techniques that make learning fun, is comprehensive, and is practical for daily conversational use.

This premium version of Rocket Italian is online for you to access and download 24/7. They can be downloaded into your computer, mp3 player, or car stereo so you can get to them any time. This allows you to do your lessons anywhere, anytime and at your own pace. Not all language courses teach effectively and work for you. Rocket Italian works. It has 31 language and culture lessons with over 800 embedded audio clips to give you a flavor of the country, its culture, and how the language works.

The 33 interactive audio lessons (averaging 25 minutes each) incorporate everyday conversations you would likely encounter when in Italy. You will practice your Italian in situations such as tipping, going to market, tasting the food and wine, going to a cinema, sightseeing, visiting Vatican City, and many more practical experiences.Each lesson has conversations broken up into manageable parts with transcripts for each conversation so you can also learn how to read Italian.

The three MegaItalian software games (for Italian vocabulary, audio comprehension and Italian verbs) make learning fun. Rocket Italian also contains interactive quizzes and self-tests to test your mastery skills time and again. You can have your Italian knowledge certified through Rocket Italian's Certified Tests. A 24/7 forum allows you to interact with teachers, native Italian speakers and other students like you. These and more bonus items, that come with your course, are pluses on top of what other language courses offer.

Learn to speak Italian the natural and fun way with Rocket Italian at a much lower price than most language courses and get the confidence to interact with native speakers in Italy.

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