Everybody knows that learning a new language is always infinitely beneficial. It enriches your education, expands your career options, and fulfills the desires of individuals to achieve something challenging yet fruitful at the same time. With over 800 million speakers since the year 2000, Mandarin Chinese is now the world’s most spoken language. Thanks to Rocket Chinese, you can now find everything you need to get you started on speaking Mandarin Chinese—minus the hassle and exhaustion that come with attending a typical language course. In just a few clicks, you can gain online access to a 31-lesson Interactive Audio Course, 31 Language & Culture Lessons, MegaChinese software games, Rocket Chinese interactive quizzes and Rocket Rehearsal self-tests, a Rocket Chinese Forum and Rocket Chinese Certificate Tests.

For most people, especially those with studies and jobs that consume most of their time, learning a new language can be too time-consuming and difficult to say the least. With the 31-lesson Interactive Audio Course of Rocket Chinese, you can practice conversing in Chinese with more than 15 hours of audio lessons that you can take with you as you drive or commute, as you walk the dog, as you relax on your couch, and to any other place where you have minutes to spare. Just with your stereo, mp3 player, iPod, and any other digital audio device, maximize your time and start getting accustomed to everyday Chinese conversations. You also get a written version of each conversation in Pinyin and in Characters, so you can also become more accustomed to written Chinese as you continue with your lessons.


With Rocket Chinese, you will also get to go beyond basic textbook grammar lessons. With 31 Language & Culture Lessons, you will be introduced to various important aspects of the Chinese culture, preparing you for when you encounter typical Chinese setting situations. You will also get videos, easy-to-follow Chinese writing explanations, plus quizzes and more, all to help you be more at ease as you learn to read and write in Chinese. MegaChinese software games make practice time fun no matter how novice or advanced your level may be. MegaVocab focuses on improving your vocabulary through an easy word recall game, and even allowing you to add your own words and pictures as your vocabulary expands. MegaAudio makes understanding spoken Chinese a breeze. Pick the topics you wish to be tested on and practice all you want, online or offline.

Surely, any student would also be excited to know how he or she is doing so far, as well as have the support of native speakers, teachers and fellow enthusiasts and students of the Chinese language. For this reason, Rocket Chinese is packed with quizzes and tests to help you figure out what you have mastered and what you may still need to focus on, while giving you 24/7 access to an online Learners’ Forum to address all your questions and concerns as you go along. Then, as you complete all the Rocket Chinese Certificate Tests, you will receive a certificate through email to show that you have been Rocket Certified. This certification is equal to that of the A1 and A2 levels of the Common European Frame of Reference for Languages.

There is no need to put off learning this beautiful language any longer. Have fun, learn quickly, and put your skills to the test. Start learning Chinese today with Rocket Chinese!