With over 200 million speakers from all over the globe, Arabic is not only one of the richest and most fascinating languages you’ll ever encounter, but it is also one of the major languages of the world. If you have always wanted to learn Arabic, have thought of travelling to an Arabic-speaking country, or want to communicate effectively with Arabic-speaking friends and colleagues, there’s no better—and no easier—way to learn than Rocket Arabic. With 31 Interactive Audio Lessons, 31 Language and Culture Lessons, Rocket Record (a unique program that uses voice mapping technology to help you master your pronunciation), MegaArabic software games, and unlimited access to the Rocket Arabic Learner’s Forum, learning is made easy, enjoyable and exciting. Plus, with interactive quizzes, self-tests, and the option of getting “Rocket Certified”, you will be able to not just review and recap what you have learned but also accurately measure how much you have aced so far.

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