Readeo.Com review

New Readeo website changes the way to read children's book online. Now, there is BookChat, an online platform that supersedes the distance by creating a way to read to a child like you were actually together. Exclusively offered by, it is possible to read a book in sync while chatting. Find out more on how to have educational and quality bonding time even when you are apart with this review.

Chatting with a child can be more gratifying, especially if you would like to share more than just a conversation. The BookChat feature of is unique. It has the capacity that it has to make some of the time spend using the computer to communicate into a wonderful story-telling time.

Using to communicate brings chatting to a higher level. This level captures the interest of the child. As you chat, the book will be there to be shared by both of you. It is a fantastic experience and one that makes the chat more educational.

Do watch this review video to see how this online platform works.

Would you like to share a story to a child today? There is a whole library in to choose from. When the book is chosen, it's story time and there are two ways that you can opt to use The 'Read' option is for times you are together with a child. The 'BookChat' option is for when you are apart.

If you are a member of, some of the benefits are unlimited access to the library, and BookChat. To become a member only cost $10 a month.

You can make the time spent chatting with a child an excellent opportunity to share the wonderful world of books with an unforgettable reading experience. Keep in touch, make it worthwhile, and have a child look forward to a new story each time you chat. Capture their minds with reading as you are virtually there by their side. Do this now and spend quality time with your kid today, even if you are far apart.

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