Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

If you think rags-to-riches kinds of stories happen to other people but not to you, think again. If you have savings but worry that it may not be a sufficient financial nest for when you retire, then you will be happy to note that someone in dire straits was able to parlay whatever funds she had left to become the #1 ranked stock picker on Wall Street. If she was able to do it, all of us have the same opportunity to do so. The book, Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is, by Natalie Pace, is Natalie's own story coupled with investing tips that she is making available to you as well.

If Natalie's name sounds familiar to you, it probably is, because she is the founder/CEO of a financial news organization bearing her name and which has partnered with Forbes.com. Natalie herself has guested on several television shows in America. This book is very credible because Natalie was not a born financial wizard. In fact, in the mid 1990s, she could hardly pay off her debts. After selling her condominium in the early 2000's, she invested in 5% CDs and made some good stock picks based on her mantra - putting one's money where your heart is. In other words, this book teaches you how to invest in the things you believe in. One of the tenets she holds on to is never to invest in something you do not know, no matter how hot it looks.

While Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is is all about stock picking, Natalie does so in a very easy-to-read and engaging manner. You could see that here is a regular person sharing her experiences and words of wisdom in a very non-intimidating way. You are sure to pick up some very good tips in this book which will guide you as you do your own stock picking.

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