How-To-Play-Guitar-InstantlyIf you or your children are fond of music, it's likely that you have, at one time or another, wished to learn how to play the guitar. Sometimes when you hear your favorite tunes you want to play along on the guitar. There are many ways of learning how to play the guitar but some are less effective than others. If you could learn to play the guitar painlessly and in a short span of time, you would enjoy the experience of accompanying your friends on the guitar.  Play Guitar Instantly videowill teach you to play the guitar without learning how to read music or ever having played any kind of music instrument before.

The Play Guitar Instantly video is an entire guitar course in itself. Professional musicial and instructor John Derbin's video and audio lesson will be sufficient for you to see and hear, then play. Before you know it you will be able to play a whole range of songs like rock, folk, pop, gospel, and country. The video comes with a 16-page booklet of diagrams of all the examples and songs in the video. The lessons are easy and illustrated so you see all the chords and hand strokes for all the songs. Learn over 20 songs using a simple, step-by-step format with instructor John Derbin illustrating finger placement on the neck and strings. In addition, there is an audio cassette which is taken from the audio track of the video. It can act as a standalone lesson for basic tips, techniques and shortcuts. Once you know how to play certain songs using the video as the initial learning tool, you need not bring the video along with you on trips. The 30-minute audio cassette will be able to help you recall the chords.

Order Play Guitar Instantly now. Your friends will be surprised to see you actually playing songs that you could all sing along to. The chords you will learn from both the video and audio will be your stepping stone to learning to play hundreds of songs.

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