There are very few books in the world that talk about personal fulfillment and financial success like the Law of Success by Napoleon Hill (October 26, 1883 - November 8, 1970), an American author whose books have inspired millions of people and who has made him one of the best-selling authors of his time. More than 20 years in the making, with over 500 interviews of America’s most successful people, went into the making of this book. The more popular version, the 1928 edition, was thought to be the earliest edition until 2006 when Orne Publishing found a 1925 edition at a rare bookseller in Arkansas. This is now believed to be the only known copy still in existence and is being published in its purest form. You now have the chance to own a piece of this legacy.

Inside the Law of Success, Napoleon Hill shares with us his 16 principles of success: 1-The Law of the Mastermind, 2-A Definite Chief Aim, 3-Self-Confidence, 4-Habit of Saving, 5-Initiative and Leadership, 6-Imagination, 7-Enthusiasm, 8-Self-Control, 9- Doing More than Paid For, 10-A Pleasing Personality, 11-Accurate Thinking, 12-Concentration, 13-Cooperation, 14-Profiting by Failure, 15-Tolerance and 16-The Golden Rule. In each of these principles are stories of people who struggled, persevered and made it successfully in the world. When you are reading these stories, you will see that those successful people are not unlike yourself but there were qualities they possessed and actions that they did to get them over the hump and be the success stories they are. Their little secrets for personal success and financial gain, told to Napoleon Hill, is now being revealed and shared with you. Many of them came from nothing and made it big. It is proof that if they could, anyone can.

This special book , Law of Success, will motivate, encourage, and propel you to act on situations in your life that could be keeping you from the successful and meaningful life that you could have. With your order of Law of Success, you also get the book Continued Success.

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