Being well-prepared is what spells the difference between getting an acceptable score or a great score for GMAT, LSAT and SAT. There are many reviewer books in the market for those who choose to go the self-review route, review centers offering classes, and online tutorial courses. But out of all the options available, the one that has clearly outshone the rest of the pack is Knewton – an online learning company that thoroughly prepares those who are planning to sit for standardized GMAT, LSAT and SAT tests. All one needs to do is see the test results of those who took Knewton and you can see why Knewton is the way to go if you want to increase your test results.

Knewton utilizes online classroom tutorials together with the industry’s most powerful adaptive learning engine. Traditional classrooms have fixed teaching materials used over and over. At Knewton, content is tagged all the way down to the atomic level according to structure, difficulty and media format. This is constantly tweaked and customized according to the students’ needs. You can be part of an online live class with an ability to chat with online teaching assistants who can explain certain concepts that are not too clear with you. Or, if you miss the live class due to work or school, you can always catch your missed class online and solve extra problems if you need to.

With Knewton, your classes are available anytime and from anywhere you can go online. There is no need for you to travel to review centers to sit down in a class. Each online class lasts between 1 to 3 hours, with interactive participation by all online students. Expert, dynamic teachers power each class. Mind you, these teachers aren’t newbies but experienced GMAT, LSAT and SAT teachers, including test experts. Be prepared to take a lot of practice tests and with every test result you get, your strengths and weaknesses in concepts and practical application are identified so that you can focus on strengthening the areas you need to work on. Based on feedback from satisfied users and on the money-back guarantee by Knewton, you can boost your GMAT score by at least 50 points, LSAT score by at least 5 points, and SAT score by at least 150 points.

Don’t be satisfied with just an average test score when Knewton can raise that several levels and give you an even better chance at landing the university of your choice. Being chosen the 2011 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland is no mean feat and that is an assurance you are teaming up with the best at Knewton.

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