Junior Laptop Children love to imitate adults. If you are frequently around toddlers or if you have friends with young kids, you may notice that whenever an adult is on a laptop, the little one also wants to come near, curious about all the keys and pictures on the screen, and will most likely want to play with the laptop. In that case, why not keep the little one busy with his very own laptop? The Junior Laptop, made by Oregon Scientific, will give very young children the look and feel of a real laptop, giving them hours of creative learning.

The Junior Laptop comes in several designs that children would love such as Batman, R2D2, Darth Vader, and Barbie. It opens up like a regular laptop with a screen and a keyboard below it in QWERTY format and directional cursor pad. The keyboard keys are slightly raised for easy punching by children's fingers. Junior Laptop is the perfect learning tool for curious young minds. There are so many different games in these laptops which work to improve their skills in math, spelling, logic and memory and the games follow the theme of the laptop. Weighing only 1.8 pounds the Junior Laptop is so easy to use and portable enough to travel with and store when not in use. Children will be so eager to use the Junior Laptop that they actually won't realize that as they are having fun, they are actually learning. It will boost their self-confidence when they grow a little older and will need to work with a real laptop.

Junior Laptop can make children's lives more fun and will provide you with peace of mind while your little one is busy working on his laptop.

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