One day I had lost my cell phone and I wasn't sure where it was lost. I didn't turn it off because I really thought that it was in my house somewhere and I just continued to look for it. Then a few weeks later I received a huge cell phone bill which made me realize that someone had found my cell phone and had been using it. I called my cell phone company and I couldn't access my account because the person that had my cell phone had managed to change the password on my account somehow. I finally went through a series of questions with my provider and was able to access the account after about twenty minutes of questioning.

I decided that it was a good idea to check my credit report. I found a lot of things on my report that had nothing to do with me. I went ahead and put fraud protection on it, unfortunately I was only able to clear up a few of the items that were on it. I have since signed up with ID Watchdog.

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I wish I had signed up for it a long time ago and I wouldn't have had to go through all of the irritating phone calls and the stress of trying to straighten everything out. ID Watchdog will help you to protect your credit and your identity from fraudulent people that would be able to obtain your information and use it in order to purchase products and services under your name and ruining your credit.

ID Watchdog will check your social security number by running it through thousands of databases and it will look for duplicates. If it finds your social security number on any of these databases then it will give you back a report which will show you the information linked to those accounts. This will protect you by giving you the information that you need to catch anyone that is using your social security number for any reason. Everyone should have protection like this.

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