educational toys

Keep those little hands busy as they learn the Fundanoodle way. Engaging and easy-to-use, these educational tools and toys are excellent to use to develop the skills of children.

Fundanoodle has a variety of educational products for children aged 3 to 7 years old. These are ideal for the different ability levels of the child's age. These won't cause a child to feel frustrated because they are unable to do the fun tasks as it is organized in such a way for developmental appropriate progression.

When a child uses these educational tools and toys, they get the skills needed for more complex tasks such as eye and hand coordination, touch and visual exploration, and problem-solving skills.

Fundanoodle educational products are created by pediatric occupational therapists and early education experts. There has activity kits to include that for cutting, doodling, beading, tracing, story-writing, and more. There are also activity kits for mathematics.

The product line of Fundanoodle that one must take a closer look at is their Handwriting Development Program which has writing tablets that teach a child to recognize and write the letters of the alphabet and numbers to the most advanced which is for cursive writing.

With the right educational tools and toys, a child will develop their skills and creativity and help them learn faster. With Fundadoodle, they may be able to get higher grades in school for math, writing, and reading subjects.

There are some parents who do have the time to help their child be ready for school and can devote the additional time for them to help with their homework. Many of us do not have the luxury of time to spend with our kids but when we do, wouldn't it be nice to be able to share with them quality bonding time while they learn with a Fundadoodle activity? And, after a while, as the child masters each of the various tasks, they can do the activity on their own.