is a one stop shop for getting direct access to your credit scores and reports. Once you register with them you can get quick credit scores and detailed reports from major credit reporting agencies like TransUnion, Equifax and Experian.

The handy, well-organized and professional service monitors your daily credit and sends you alerts so that you can be instantly notified if there is any untoward activity using your personal account details. You can also have instant access your scores at anytime during the day in a matter of seconds. The site gives your free triple bureau credit scores along with comprehensive credit reports as part of the daily credit monitoring service package for a low monthly fee.

The service is conveniently designed and interfaced to give you a pictorial account of your credit history and report. There are colorful bar graphs all over the report that elucidate among other aspects, how lenders really view you and how your scores compare in the reports of top credit agencies. The graphs start from a score of 580 (very poor) and moves right up to 849 (excellent). uses a highly encrypted transaction system and all responses are transmitted using the most secure servers, thus ensuring that their client’s information is safe, private and confidential. Apart from an affordable monthly fee for the daily credit monitoring service and an efficient customer support group, the CreditScore site itself is absolutely clutter free, easy to navigate and quick to access. The information is neatly laid out for you if you need a quick, single-page overview of your daily records without skimming through too much complicated data.

The credit score monitoring tool also comes handy when your account details are obtained and subjected to misuse by habitual offenders. You can receive immediate information if your social security numbers are procured and used for opening delinquent accounts. It is easy to investigate what exactly happened and fix the issue without wasting too much time, thus helping you monitor and protect your account so that you aren’t at the receiving end of any fraud in the future.

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