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ClickN Read will teach a child how to read nearly effortlessly. ClickN Read helps build the proper foundation for their reading skills. Use ClickN Read so a child will learn how to read with an interactive, inexpensive, phonetics program online. Learn more about the phonics teaching program which is equivalent to kindergarten to 3rd grade phonics USA curriculum by reading this ClickN Read review.

Learning can be fun with an online phonetic program. If you want a child to learn how to read or improve their reading ability, do it the easy way with ClickN Read. Sometimes, a child will refuse to study, no matter how attractive the book or how qualified the teacher might be. What captures a kid's attention and keeps them enthralled? A teacher that is a cartoon character - A Space-Dog! See this teacher in action by watching the ClickN Read review video.

Go high tech and use the computer to teach a child how to read online with interactive games. As the child passes each module, they will be better at reading. A child will learn the alphabet, establish their phonemic awareness, word decoding, and practice the words until they can recognize it. ClickN Read makes it possible for a child to sit down and study in their new interactive classroom.

When your child enters the educational phonetics program of ClickN Read, they will start at the lesson of their reading ability level. If they don't know how to read the alphabet, it starts from lesson one. Those who know the basic letter sounds can start at lesson ten. With ClickN Read, if they start at beginning - they will have a total of 100 lessons to learn 61 letter sounds - and that is just for the letter sounds! For the more advanced lessons, a child will have go through many levels with special lessons of the Listening Cube, by going in the Reading Room, and to hone their skills in the Speed Chamber. There are more special lessons like these in ClickN Read!

ClickN Read is the phonetic program that keeps track of the child's performance. You can access their progress reports and print it out. Get a report on the individual lesson or the cumulative results. You will be aware at all times of the how well a child is performing.

If you have a child that needs help in learning how to read, do not hesitate to use the ClickN Read program. The subscription that you make to this phonetics program can be passed to another kid after your child has completed it, and there is no extra charge to transfer the subscription. For example, you have a 5 year old and a 3 year old. When your 5 year old has completed their ClickN Read lessons, it can be used by the 3 year old. Your ClickN Read subscription can be transferred to anyone you want.

Enroll a child today in the ClickN Read phonetics online program. Give them the best educational gift that can be shared after they have accomplished the lessons and learned how to read well. Give them the solid educational foundation that they need by learning how to read with ClickN Read. Use this ClickN Read review to access FREE Sample Lessons.

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ClickN Read review