Brite-Complete-Success-SystemI homeschool my children and music has always been the hardest subject for me to know what to teach. I have a real hard time coming up with lessons for my children. A large part of this is due to the fact that I know so little about the subject. Recently, I was out with some of the other mothers from my homeschool group and we were talking about our children's lessons. The subject of music came up and I let it be known that I could use all of the advice that they had to give on how to make up some good music lessons for my children. That's when one of the mothers let me in on her secret.

She said that she used the Brite Music Complete Success System for her children and that they all loved it. She loved the fact that everything was right there in black and white. It was an entire system dedicated to teaching her children about music. It even came with the activity books included. I agreed that it sounded like the perfect thing and I decided that I would purchase it for my own children.

When our Brite Music Complete Success System arrived we dug right into it and began using it right away. I was amazed at how much this set included. It had everything in it that I would want to go through with my children. We have been using it each school day and they have learned a lot already. They also look forward to music time and it is much more structured than when I was fumbling around trying to find anything to teach them about music. I recommend this product to anyone that has small children and that would love to teach them more about music.

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