Brill-KidsI was looking all over for the perfect gift to give my sister for her baby shower. This was her first baby and we were all very excited about it. I w3anted to make sure that I got her the best gift ever for her baby shower. Nothing that I found stood out. I must have went to over a dozen stores and found nothing. I didn't want to get her something traditional, like a car seat or a stroller. I was looking for a unique gift that would stand out and that she would love. I finally stumbled upon the Brill Kids Educational Software.

This software was exactly what I had been looking for. My sister had been talking about wanting to do everything that she could do to make sure that her child would grow up loving to read, just as we had. She was already reading to the baby and it wasn't even born yet. She talked about reading to it at night as soon as it was born in the hopes of helping it become a good reader. The Brill Kids Educational Software helps your child learn the important things that it needs to in order to become a good reader and you can use it on infants as young as four months old. This was the gift that I had been looking for.

When my sister opened the Brill Kids Educational Software she was so happy. I could tell that it really was the perfect gift and I was so glad that I found it. She has had the baby now and she has been using the software. She says that it is great and agrees that it was the perfect gift that I could have got her. She said that she would have bought it fro herself had she seen it first because she really wants to encourage her child to love to read and this software is the perfect way!

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