Big Universe Children's BooksMy children have never been big fans of reading, I don't understand this since I have always enjoyed reading. I want my kids to grow up with a love of reading that I know. I decided to try to get them more interested in reading by making sure that I purchased them some books that I know they would have to like. I signed up on the Big Universe Children's Books so that I would have all of the access that I wanted for books that are interesting, educational, and fun to read. I hoped that this would be just the thing to open them up to the wonderful world of reading.

Big Universe Children's Books is an online web site that allows me to read and share children's books online. I can even create my own which has been something that has always interested me. This is a great way for me to research different books and find the ones that I think that my children will actually enjoy reading. When I go on to the web site I am able to search fro the books that I want to check out by grade level, interest age, or category. I have used this web site to find a lot of books for my children and I have been able to find a lot of them that they have enjoyed.

Since I have been able to pick out books that I think fits into my children's own interests, I have seen a difference in the amount of reading that they do on their own. This web site has really made a difference in my household. I now go into my children's room and find them reading a book for fun. This makes me very happy and I am glad that I found something that has sparked their interest in reading. I would recommend this web site to anyone that has children, or works with children.

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