Baby-Signs-Potty-Training-KitWhen I found out that I was pregnant I was scared and excited at the same time. I wanted to make sure that I did everything right, but I didn't even know what right was. I felt a little overwhelmed as I tried to figure everything out. I picked the brains of all of my friends that already had children so that I could learn as much as I could. I wanted to know about everything possible. I asked my friends about potty training and they all had different ages at which to begin potty training, different ways of doing it, and different thoughts on the entire process. This confused me even more.

One day I learned about a potty training system that would allow me to begin potty training my child young and with less effort. The Baby Signs Potty Training Kit comes with everything that I would need to help potty train my child. I bought the kit and put it away until I needed it. After I had my daughter and the time had came that she was old enough to begin potty training I pulled the Baby Signs Potty Training Kit out and went through it. I had forgotten how much stuff it came with. I went through everything and I could really see how it would help. The kit had everything from good job stickers to an All Aboard the Potty Train DVD, a lift the flap book, and even a whistle. It also came with a parents guide to help instruct me on how to help my daughter potty train.

We hadn't been using the kit very long when she had already shown signs of getting there. It had only been about a week and she was beginning to get excited when it was time to use the potty. Now she is fully potty trained and she is not even two and a half yet. I am very impressed with the Baby Signs Potty Training Kit and I will be using it again for any other children that I have. If you decide to use this kit, you will want to use the below link to order so that you can save $10.00!

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